Jeromes Dream — Seeing Means More Than Safety 10" | 2018 Repress

Jeromes Dream — Seeing Means More Than Safety 10" | 2018 Repress


Originally recorded in 1999 with Kurt Ballou (of Converge) at his studio, God City, this record encapsulated a time of raw anger, sadness, anxiety and confusion. The songs reflect all of these.

The new repress will be remastered, redesigned, and will be available in a limited run of 100 on black and 200 on translucent red 150g vinyl. We asked the artist French to create a visual that speaks the sound of the 10".

The astronaut — alone in the middle of nowhere, equipped with only his heart, armor, and a compass makes perfect sense. The chances of the compass working in space decreases the further away you become from the earth's magnetic field. Not everyone who is lost necessarily wants to be found.

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Pressing: 100

Track Listing

01 A Second Grade Art Project
02 And Just Like That the Year Is Gone
03 Exit 29 Collapsed As I Drove By
04 The Monologue of the Century
05 Life Is What You Make of It
06 The Teacher Says to His Pupil
07 Just Down the Hall from Room 526
08 They're Always So Quick to Judge
09 It’s More Like a Message to You
10 A Present for Those Who Are Present

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