In 2018, we decided to make new music. We recorded our first ever LP in March, 2019 and will be on tour this summer into the fall.


It was September 13, 1997, when we played together for the first time. We met at Nick's mom's house and set up our shabby equipment in the basement. It was dirty. The ceilings were made up of dust, exposed electrical equipment, and splintered wood. We could barely see each other's faces because it was so dark; the only light that worked was across the room, hindered by a wall. But it didn't matter — all that did was that we got to play.

We soon realized that what started as a spontaneous meeting was going to become the epicenter of our lives. Jeromes Dream allowed us to be liberated from all that hurt us. It also served as a base for our friendship. The three of us never knew what we'd end up creating together, but it was clear that we needed each other to make what we made.

It was in a way unsettling how well we got along and how we seemed to not care about anything but being able to play music. It was the only way to live during a time where we saw little hope in anything else. We invested in our music. We invested in each other. It didn't matter how good or bad we were as a band; we believe JD is an accurate representation of what was going through our hearts and minds between 1997 and 2001.